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Maple Seed Pods, Maple Helicopters / Whirlybirds

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Maple Seed Pods,  Maple Helicopters / Whirlybirds
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Maple Seed Pods, Maple Helicopters / Whirlybirds

Maple Helicopters
Remember when you were a kid and were able to enjoy all of life's simple pleasures? Life was so much simpler then, when you could lie on your back watching clouds float by on a summer day, pointing out imaginary shapes without a care in the world, romp across meadows and through forests exploring all that Mother Nature had to offer, or spend snowy days rolling snowballs and building forts. The toys that you had were probably simple ones, not electronic gadgets and gizmo's that entertain through virtual interaction. Computer and video games were either unheard of or a once-in-a-while treat, not a daily sport. Life was quieter, simpler, slower, perhaps even more enjoyable than the hectic live-every-minute lifestyle that we have now created for ourselves. Ever wish you could enjoy some of those pleasurable experiences with your family and friends? Want to instill in your children or grandchildren a love of nature and creativity for playing with simple toys? Here is the perfect opportunity to do so, meanwhile creating lasting relationships with the ones you love. Give them a gift of old-fashioned fun this holiday season, and start a tradition that will become unforgettable. Whirl-i-gigs, whirlybirds seeds or natural "maple tree helicopters", are a fantastic plaything. Grown by maple trees each year as a way of spreading their seeds, these maple seed pods are uniquely aerodynamic. Spinning carelessly on the wind, the air catching the wings and whirling them round and round, the whirlybirds seeds spread far and wide when the maple trees drop them in the fall. The amazing flight of maple tree helicopters will captivate and entertain the lucky recipient of a gift bag full of approximately 30 of these maple seed pods. The simplicity of whirlybirds seeds' design yet complexity of their flight will amaze anyone who has never had the pleasure of lying under a gigantic maple on a breezy autumn day. To fly your own maple tree helicopters, simply hold the maple seed pods high off of the ground and then drop them one or several at a time. Try whirlybirds seeds at your wedding instead of rice. Maple tree helicopters are beautiful, natural and do not hurt the birds. A unique idea you will remember as they spin around as you walk down the aisle. Try Maple seed pods from the top of a staircase over a railing, off of a balcony, or held high above your head. Notice the difference in flight between the double winged helicopters and the single winged ones. Fly them again and again and you will witness a unique flight to the ground each time. Simple toys are often the best. Share these all-natural helicopters with someone today.


Size: about 2 inches wide
Amount: 30 dried maple helicopters per bag
Color: light green color

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