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Pastel Straight Ting Ting -- Easter TingTing

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Pastel Straight Ting Ting  --  Easter TingTing
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Pastel Straight Ting Ting -- Easter TingTing

Pastel Straight Ting Ting

Holiday Ting Ting is a natural plant that has been preserved and dyed, painted, or covered in glitter, making it perfect for crafting and decorating. Available in numerous colors, ting ting is sure to add the perfect touch to any floral arrangement, centerpiece, craft project, or home.The glittered varieties of curly or straight ting ting are especially perfect for holiday decorating, as they can be added to wreaths, garlands, fireplace mantel arrangements, or centerpieces to add a sparkly touch to your home. The glitter reflects light from any source, Christmas tree lights, candles, chandeliers, fireplaces, wall sconces, etc., making your home or office dance with holiday cheer.A nice touch to make a holiday tree glitter, curly ting ting can be placed on tree branches much easier than tinsel, is not messy like tinsel, and can be reused year after year. The curls of holiday tingting naturally wrap around the branches of your pine or fir tree, giving your Christmas tree a fabulous glittered look. The curly ting ting can also be placed between branches to make your tree look fuller and can fill in any empty spots.Straight ting ting can also be placed on a Christmas or holiday tree, either to add height and glitter to the top of a tree, or to create a similar effect as that of curly ting ting without having the Christmas ting ting wrap around the branches.Holiday ting ting is not limited to being used at Christmas time however. Ting ting is a popular party decoration during all seasons of the year.Straight tingting is approximately four to five feet tall and comes in bunches of 100 stems. Choose the variety and color of ting ting that will be perfect for your decorating or event using the drop down option menu below.

Product: Pastel Straight Ting Ting
Amount: 5 oz bunch (about 100 stems)
Length: 35-40 inches
Colors: Charcoal, purple, green, pink
Case Options: Buy a case of 12 random straight ting ting bunches and Save Big!

Other spellings: Easter ting ting, Easter color ting ting

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