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Lady Amhurst Feathers 30-35"

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Lady Amhurst Feathers 30-35
Lady Amhurst Feathers 30-35
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Lady Amhurst Feathers 30-35
Lady Amhurst Feathers 30-35
Lady Amhurst Feathers 30-35"

Lady Amhurst Feathers
The Lady Amhurst pheasant is a native of China, but was introduced by Lady Amhust and has become prolific in England. The Lady Amhurst pheasant is prized for its long and elegant tail feathers. The male Lady Amhurst pheasant produces the long tail feathers that are so elegant in any floral arrangement. The Lady Amhurst feathers are elegant when made into a dried decor arrangements. These feathers add height, distinction and elegance to arrangements of mixed grains, dried lavender, and/or dried grasses such as bayou grass, wild grass or meadow grass. Feathers have long been used in clothing and accessories.  Lady Amhurst feathers add an interesting touch to clothing, when made into jewelry or when used on hats. 

Product: Lady Amhurst Pheasant Feathers
Amount: 5 feathers per bunch
Length: 30-35 inches long (includes the stem)
Info: Cleaned and ready to use
Case Option: Buy a full case of 12 bunches of Lady Amhurst feathers and Save Big!

Other spellings: Lady Amherst Feather

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