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Luffa Sponges / Loofah Sponges

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Luffa Sponges / Loofah Sponges
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Luffa Sponges / Loofah Sponges

Luffa Sponges / Loofah Sponges
Luffa sponges are a natural sponge made from the fibrous interior of the loofah plant.  Loofah gourds have been used for decades as decorations.  Luffa sponges also are a great way to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to be soft again. This natural vegetable is a great cleansing sponge that does just that.  Luffa sponge are great at exfoliating, cleansing, softening, and revitalizing skin in a gentle natural way that you will fall in love with.  Many people argue these are best sponges on earth and made by mother nature. They are also great for the environment as they are completely bio-degradable. Try some luffa sponges today for your home decor, bathroom use, or both. You will not be disappointed with the quality of these sponges. Try some luffa sponges as decoration in a bowl with other pods anywhere in your home or display a few beautiful luffa sponges in a decorative bowl in your bathroom for a beautiful and functional arrangement.

Product: Luffa Sponge Gourds / Loofah Sponge Gourds
Amount: 6 Luffa gourds
Length: 4-6 inches long
Diameter: 1-2.5 inches wide
Color: natural tan as pictured
Type: Dried Natural Luffa Sponges for Decorations or Bath usage.
Case Option: Buy a full case of 20 bags of Luffa sponges and Save Even More!

Other Spellings: Loofah Gourds, Loofa sponge, Lufa sponge, sea sponge louffa, dried loofah

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