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Dried Baobab Pods Stemmed

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Dried Baobab Pods Stemmed
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Dried Baobab Pods Stemmed

Baobab Pods on stems
Baobab seed Pods are beautiful pods that you can use in any arrangement.  They will last and look beautiful for years.  Try these boabab pods and you won't be disappointed. The Boabab Tree is known as the ‘Tree of Life’ as it provides food, water and shelter for both animals and humans. The Boabab tree’s bark is fire resistant and wonderful for making cloth or rope, the leaves are medicinal, the fruit is rich in vitamin C, and the tree even stores hundreds of gallons of water for use during dry spells!  When the tree blooms, the flowers are enormous, but only last one day.  Fruit bats pollinate the blossoms, then the seed pods began to grow.  As they grow, they are covered by a grayish green fur coat.  The seed pods look like long tailed rats hanging by their tails from the trees, which gives the Boabab tree the nickname of the ‘dead rat tree’. However, it is these same fuzzy pods that mature and open to a beautiful mahogany colored seed pod which we polish and stem for you. They are then perfect to add to any arrangement.


Product: Large Dried Baobab pod bunches
Amount: 5 stems per bunch
Length: 12-18 inches tall
Width: 3-4 inches wide at the top
Color:  Polished
Case Option:  Buy 20 dried baobab seed pods sold at bulk price and save big!


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