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Blackbeard Wheat Stacks, Small - Grande Size

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Blackbeard Wheat Stacks, Small - Grande Size
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Blackbeard Wheat Stacks, Small - Grande Size

Blackbeard wheat stacks
Our wheat stacks are one of our favorite things to sell.  Wheat stacks come ready to be beautiful anywhere you put them. Try them as easy centerpieces, corner pieces, or wall arrangements and you will love the results. They come ready to go.  All you have to do is take them out of the box and give them a twist to create the perfect wheat arrangement for you party or event.

Product: Blackbeard wheat stacks
Tied:  Each stack is Professionally tied with jute twine
Single - Small stack: (Pictured as C) 16 inches long
Single - Medium stack: (Pictured as B)  21 inches long
Single - Grande Stack: (Pictured as A)  5 lbs of wheat, 31 inches long
Case Option - Small Stack: (Pictured as C) 6 stacks per order, 16 inches
Case Option - Medium Stack: (Pictured as B) 6 stacks per order, 21 inches
Case Option - Large Stack: (Pictured as D) 2 stacks per order, 3 lbs of wheat each, 26 inches
Case Option - Grande Stack: (Pictured as A) 2 stacks per order,  5 lbs of wheat each, 31 inches

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