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Wheat Stalks Bundle - 8oz blond

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Wheat Stalks Bundle - 8oz blond
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Wheat Stalks Bundle - 8oz blond

Blond wheat stalk bundle
Golden sun-dried wheat stalks make a unique addition to your country style decor. Symbolic of a bountiful harvest, these heavy-headed 
dried wheat bundles can be arranged in many ways to fit your home. Natural wheat stalks make a great decoration that can be used for fall or Thanksgiving. These real grain stalks will be perfect to decorate a table or outside of a house for Halloween. Weave into a wreath or wall hanging, or place in a vase or piece of pottery as an accent or centerpiece. Available in short or long stems, choose your desired quantity of fully ripened bunches of wheat stalks using the drop down menu options. Each bunch comes with a minimum of fifty-two stalks of wheat. Enjoy these golden wheat stalks and have a great time this fall with your real grain stalks grown on a small farm out west. Note: Shipping Even amounts of this product costs the same as odd amounts. (Example: 1 cost the same to ship as 2 bundles and so on.)


Product: Blond wheat bundle
Pictured: One wheat bunch pictured
Size: 8 oz Wheat Bundle
Wheat Stems: 40-60 stems
Type: Blond Wheat
Color: Blond Wheat
Length: Long Stem Wheat - 18-24 inches
Case Option: Buy a full case of  20 bunches and save even more!

Length Note: Wheat length does vary each year.  Some minor trimming with scissors may be required for your individual project. Does NOT include raffia tie.

For decoration Only, not Food Grade.

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