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Dried Cotton Stalks

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Dried Cotton Stalks
Dried Cotton Stalks
Dried Cotton Stalks
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Dried Cotton Stalks
Dried Cotton Stalks
Dried Cotton Stalks
Dried Cotton Stalks

Dried Cotton Stalks
Beautiful Dried Cotton Stalks that are preserved for you enjoyment.  Put some in your arrangements to please any eye.  Use them by themselves or with other dried plants and flower to make your arrangements stand out and say look at me.

Product: Dried Cotton Stalk Stems
Amount: 1 stem per order
Length: 24-30 inches long
Color: Natural White cotton with natural stem
Main Image: Shows Grade A Cotton stalks
Grade A: Natural Cotton stalks are natural and require a lot of prep work to display.  For Grade A we will spend about 5 minutes cleaning up the cotton fibers as much as possible and hot glue any cotton back on and remove any broken stems. 
Grade B: This grade will come mostly as is.  We will remove the obvious broken stems but you should expect there will be some time required to remove leaves from the cotton fibers and hot gluing of some cotton back on. 
Case Option: Buy 10 stems in a case and save.

Other Notes: Cotton stalks are a natural product and will contain varying amounts of dry leaves. These leaves are natural and can be part of the product.  They can be easily removed or leave them on for a more natural look.

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