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Dried Six Row Barley

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Dried Six Row Barley
Dried Six Row Barley
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Dried Six Row Barley
Dried Six Row Barley
Dried Six Row Barley

Six Row Barley Bunch

Six row dried barley bunches are great for decorating any space while still keeping a natural organic feel. Barley decorations would be a great, yet simple, centerpiece for the tables at a rustic theme wedding, or just on your dining room table at home. Add six row barley to a flower arrangement or bouquet for that added something special. Barley is also the key ingredient in both whiskey and beer, and would therefore be a great addition for any beer or whiskey company needing to take photos or for personal use as a decoration in your bar area. Get your decorative barley here today while it lasts.

Product: Six Row Barley Bunch
Size: 8 oz Barley Bundle
Barley Stems: 40-60 stems
Type: Natural Barley
Color: Light Green
Length: Short Stem Barley - 12-18 inches
Length: Long Stem Barley - 18-25 inches
Case Option: Buy a case of barley bunches and save even more!



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