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Tallow Berries - Short Stem - TallowBerries Dried

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Tallow Berries - Short Stem - TallowBerries Dried
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Tallow Berries - Short Stem - TallowBerries Dried

Dried Tallow Berries
These berries are natural, firm white berries on short multiple branched stems. Tallow berries are widely used during the holidays for both centerpiece arrangements and wreaths. Tallow berries are a unique berry, as their mature color is white. The tallow berry is firm and on short multi-branched stems. These tallow berries are wonderful for use in wreaths, garlands, swags, to decorate packages, place cards, centerpieces, cornucopias, flower arrangements or potpourri dishes. Most berries are red or orange, but the tallow berry stands out as one of just a few white berries. Our tallow berries are picked at their peak of ripeness, and then hung to dry so that they will be beautiful for years to come.

Product: Dried Tallow berries
Amount: 3 oz bunches (about 15-18 stems per package)
Color: Natural white berries
Length: 8 inches tall
Width: 5 inches wide at the top
Case Option: Buy a case of 12 tallow berry bunches at bulk price and save big!

Other names: TallowBerries, tallow berry, tallowberry, tallow berries

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