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Pinecone Seconds - Large and Small

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Pinecone Seconds - Large and Small
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Pinecone Seconds - Large and Small

Pinecone seconds
Pinecones are beautiful and great for many occasions, projects, and crafts. Sometimes you want the wacky, weird, or misshapen pine cones. Sometimes it doesn't matter if the pine cone is perfect on all sides. If you find yourself working with pine cones like this then here is your discount box.

Product: Pinecone seconds
Amount: 12 large or 30 small pine cones
Color: Natural pine cone
Size: Large (5 inches or bigger) or Small (4 inches or smaller)
Pinecone Types: Large are typically (Sugar, Ponderosa, Jeffrey, etc). Small are typically (Lodgepole, Austriaca, Scotch, etc)

Note: These are seconds and so all sales are final. 

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