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Mixed Garden Wheat Bundle -- 3LB Extra Large Bundle

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Mixed Garden Wheat Bundle -- 3LB Extra Large Bundle
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Mixed Garden Wheat Bundle -- 3LB Extra Large Bundle

Mixed Garden Wheat Cone Bundle
Absolutely Beautiful wheat bundle. Perfect for event centerpieces or for table centerpieces in a home.  As with all our dried decorations they will keep their color and beauty for years. This beautiful stand alone display of mixed garden grains and flowers is absolutely stunning. The lovely mix of dried oats, statice in both white and purple/pink added in with the green/blue balls of globe thistle makes a dazzling and unique display.  Each mixed garden wheat bundle is made around a central core for ease in standing, then wrapped with natural burlap for a look that is classic country, after which it is  tied with a ribbon to add a formal touch. Each of the items in the Mixed Garden Wheat bundle have been picked at the peak of perfection, and dried naturally.  This process makes this beautiful display one that will last indefinitely.  A light gentle blowing of dust every few months is the only requirement to keep this display stunning year after year. The mixed garden wheat bundle comes packaged ready to present. Remove the mixed garden wheat bundle from its packaging, and place it as a centerpiece on a table, a focal point on a shelf or cupboard or a breath of the outdoors on an office desk. This bouquet is table ready for wedding and anniversary parties. It is beautiful enough to be displayed in a formal living space, and country enough to be at home at your next barn dance or barbeque.


Product: Mixed Garden Wheat Cone Bundle
Size: Extra Large
Length: 15 inches tall (Perfect for wheat centerpieces for an event or wedding)
Amount: 240-300 stems per wheat cone bunch
Diameter: 12 inches in diameter at the widest point
Weight: about 2.5 lbs of wheat
Color:  statice sinuata may vary from light pink to purple



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