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Curly Ting Ting -- TingTing

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Curly Ting Ting  -- TingTing
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Curly Ting Ting -- TingTing

Curly Ting Ting
Ting Ting is a natural plant that has been preserved and dyed, painted, or covered in glitter, making it perfect for crafting and decorating. Available in numerous colors, ting ting is sure to add the perfect touch to any floral arrangement, centerpiece, craft project, or home. Ting ting is also a popular party decoration used year-round. Ting Ting is available in several different styles. Straight ting ting, twisted ting ting, curly ting ting, or glittered tingting can be used for many projects. Each variety will add a unique look to your flower arrangement, craft, or home decor accessory. Because it comes in so many different colors, curly ting ting can be purchased to match your decorating theme or specific project. It adds height and interest to any floral arrangement or centerpiece and is easy to use. It can be stuck into floral Styrofoam frogs, tied in bunches, or used like a pick or floral spray in larger arrangements. Curly ting ting comes in bunches of approximately fifty stems that are about twenty-six inches long. Choose from a variety of colors and styles available by using the drop-down option menu below. Enjoy decorating and crafting with curly, glittered, colored ting ting.


Product: Curly Ting Ting
Colors: Natural, gold glittered, silver glittered, red glittered
Size: Large 4-6 oz bunch
Amount: about 50 stems per bunch
Style: curly and wavy ting ting
Length: about 26 inches long
Case Option: 12 Bunches

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