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Dried Dark Blue Larkspur Flowers For Sale

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Dried Dark Blue Larkspur Flowers For Sale
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Dried Dark Blue Larkspur Flowers For Sale

Dried Dark Blue Larkspur Flower Bunch
One of natures most beautiful flowers, the larkspur, can be seen blooming in the late Spring or early Summer. There are many different varieties of larkspur and they come in all different shapes, colors and blooms. Larkspur is covered in star-like tubular shaped bright colored flowers. Larkspur is a great addition to to wedding decor, centerpieces or bouquets. Or simply bring the brightness of Spring into your home, no matter the season, by adding larkspur to your decor. Larkspur will give you just the delicate pop of color that you're looking for.


Product: Dried Dark Blue Larkspur Flower Bunch
Colors: Dark Blue, Lilac (Slightly lighter blue than Dark Blue), (See our other colors)
Size: 4 oz. (Approx. 28 stems per bunch )
Length: 24-28 inches
Case Option: Buy a full case of dark blue or lilac larkspur and save even more!

Also called: blue delphinium, preserved flowers, preserved flower, dried flowers, blue larkspur

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