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Preserved Mango Oak Leaves (1 LB dried leaves)

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Preserved Mango Oak Leaves (1 LB dried leaves)
Preserved Mango Oak Leaves (1 LB dried leaves)
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Preserved Mango Oak Leaves (1 LB dried leaves)
Preserved Mango Oak Leaves (1 LB dried leaves)
Preserved Mango Oak Leaves (1 LB dried leaves)

Natural Preserved Mango Oak Leaves for Decorations
On their own, natural mango colored oak leaves, look rustically fallish! Branches filled with leaves are cut from an oak tree, and then the leaves are dyed and preserved with glycerine to keep them pliable, and fresh feeling, so they will not dry and crush. A vase filled with the harvest color of these naturally preserved oak leaves would make a stunning display for an entryway or side table. Making these naturally preserved oak leaves into a harvest colored wreath, perhaps adding small pumpkins, gourds and sprigs of fall berries would be beautiful. Each of the leaves is easily removed for use as single leaves. A one pound order of preserved fall oak leaves, makes a wonderful pile of single leaves, reminiscent of childhood romps, fall raking parties, family, autumn campfires. The single leaves are terrific scattered across the dining table, or bedroom bureau. A glass bowl filled with leaves adds a splash of fall color where ever it sits. Naturally preserved oak leaves make a fantastic display in swags, topiaries, cornucopias, wreathes, bowls and vases. The leaves are also wonderful for children (or adults) to do crayon rubbings with, to make fall pictures of their own. There are many uses for naturally preserved fall oak leaves. Some of the simplest displays included bundling the branches together with raffia and placing your bouquet of preserved oak leaves in a vase, or laying them on a coffee table for an elegant display of nature.


Pictured: A sample of one mango (orange) branch
Size: Leaves range between 2-5 inches long and 2-4 inches wide
Type: Preserved natural oak leaves
Length: One to 3 foot long branches
Single leaves: Leaves are simple to remove from branch
Color: Orange (mango)


Oak Leaves Colors Available:
Summer Green
Mango (Orange)
Harvest Tones
Autumn Gold

Note: Any returned oak leaves will incur a 25% restocking fee.

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