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Dried Rose Hips

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Dried Rose Hips
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Dried Rose Hips

Dried Rose Hip Bundle
Rose Hips, or Rose Haws are the fruit (seed pod) of the rose plant. After the rose flower has bloomed and dropped its petals, a red, to reddish orange swelling begins to form. This swelling is the rose hip, or rose haw. The hips ripen throughout the summer and into the fall. Our professionals cut the rose stems when the hips are at the peak of perfection. They then naturally dry them for use in bouquets and craft projects. Rose hips may also be pulled from their branches and used to brighten a potpourri bowl, or be part of a glass vase collage.  

Product: Dried Rose Hips
Color: natural green with red rose hips (Picture shows before drying process)
Length: Approximately 20-22 inches long
Amount: 6 oz rose hip flower pod bag
Other Info: Long Lasting, looks beautiful for years, easy centerpieces and bouquets, cleaned and naturally dried.
Case Option: Buy a full case of rose hip bunches a Save Even More!



Also called: preserved flowers, preserved flower, dried flowers 



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