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Loblolly Pine Cones - Natural Loblolly Cones

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Loblolly Pine Cones - Natural Loblolly Cones
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Loblolly Pine Cones - Natural Loblolly Cones

Loblolly Pine Cones
Loblolly cones are egg-shaped and soft in nature. Each loblolly cone scale is tipped with a stout triangular spine.  Loblolly cones are a beautiful medium size cone that will be great for your crafts, home decor, office decorations, and table centerpieces. You will love the shape of this cone and it versatility when you use it. Try some loblolly cones today. You will be glad you did!

Product: Loblolly cones
Size: 3-4 inches long
Amount: 100 loblolly cones per order
Color: Natural browns
Case Option: Buy a full case of 6 boxes of Loblolly pine cones and Save Even More!

Also know as : Pinus Taida, Linnaeus

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