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Sandbasted Manzanita Bird Perches - Trees

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Sandbasted Manzanita Bird Perches - Trees
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Sandbasted Manzanita Bird Perches - Trees

Sandblasted Manzanita Bird Perches / Trees
Sandblasted Manzanita Bird Perches / Tree branches are perfect for bird cages, exotic birds, or just for beautiful decorations.  They are stripped of small branches so they are  not as branchy as normal manzanita so they are ready to be used in with your birds to decorations in your home.  They are beautiful on their own so feel free to use them even if  you don't have a pet bird.  We know you will.

Product: Sandblasted Bird Manzanita Perches / Trees
Color: Sandlbasted Tan
Sizes and Amounts: 12-15 inches tall (20 branches per case), 24-30 inches tall (12 branches per case)
Type: Bird ready out of the box. Just stand it up.
Case Note: This product is only sold in Case Amounts at this time. If you would like smaller amounts please contact us for options.

Other names: manzanita bird perches, manzanita bird stands, manzanita bird perch, manzanita bird tree, manzanita bird branches

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