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Dried Mini Lotus Pods

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Dried Mini Lotus Pods
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Dried Mini Lotus Pods

Dried Mini Lotus Pods
A native of Vietnam, the lotus flower is beautiful in its white to hot pink splendor. The Lotus plant is an aquatic perennial which forms a distinctive circular seed pod that is as prized as the flower itself. Lotus pods are circular in shape, often with the lotus flower seed intact.  Lotus pod seeds remain viable for generations.  The lotus pod seeds have germinated as long as 1300 years after formation!  When the seeds fall out of the pod, the remaining structure is truly unique, with each seed cup remaining distinct.  Lotus pods are truly an interesting decoration to add to any nature or floral display. Brown in their natural state, and woody by feel, the lotus pod is distinctive and recognized by florists and artists alike as a unique addition to their creative processes. Our lotus pods are a natural formation from the lotus flower. The lotus pod is then attached to a stem for ease in decorating. Lotus pods can be used as is in a vase alone for an interesting display. Lotus pods are easily spray painted to meet any decorating theme or color scheme.

Product: Dried mini lotus pods
Amount: 10 stems per bunch
Color: Brown
Stemmed: Comes Stemmed, Picked, or Loose
Width: 1 inch wide at the top
Case Option: Buy a case and save big!


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